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For a travel blog, you don't seem to travel that much... I know, right?  I started this blog eight years ago when my position required lots of travel - I averaged 150-200 nights a year in hotels for about seven years.  I've had a couple promotions so my job only requires a few trips a year.  I decided to keep the same blog name because it's true, I have my passport and I'm willing to travel!  

Do you miss traveling?  I miss the friends I made and I wouldn't change the life experiences I made while traveling for work, but these days I'm happily married and would rather go on adventures with my best guy.  Luckily, work sends me on just enough trips a year to remember what that life was like.

How did you get your job traveling?  I can say with all honesty that I was in the right place at the right time.  A good balance of experience and hard work paid off when an opportunity presented itself.

Where do you work? I am fortunate enough to have a career with a company who puts a lot of trust in me regarding projects, trips, operating locations and clients.  So that I am able to share my travel with you, I cannot include information about my employer.  I can say that it is a large, Fortune 500 company with locations all over the world.  For my friends from work and their spouses, I ask that you not mention our employer here - remember that lovely policy we had to acknowledge?

Why do you have a blog? You're not that great.  I couldn't agree with you more; like 99% of bloggers, I'm likely blogging to an audience that consists of my mom and a few people who find my blog on accident.  Actually, I take that back, unless I'm out of the country, I doubt my mom checks this :)Then I didn't post for a couple years, even when I was overseas!  But now, in 2017, I felt the itch to talk more about the everyday adventures.

I started a blog ( before my second trip to India after a couple people asked why I didn't keep a blog the first time.  Honestly, I didn't know how regularly I would update it, nor did I think that many people would read it.  I used a free tool by google to track how many visitors came to my blog, and I was surprised to see that my blog was getting 50-75 pageviews a day on my month-long adventure.  As my travels continued, I decided to try to blog more regularly about wherever I go!

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