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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow! the last 24 hours or so have been interesting! I flew from Des Moines to Chicago Tuesday night then I had an overnight flight from Chicago to London. I took some advil pm and slept through most of that long flight. The flight wasn't too full, I was on an aisle with an empty seat between me and the guy in the window seat. The guy across the aisle from me had 4 seats to himself which he used as his bed.

When I got to London, I had some coffee and went through security again. Security politely told me that the 20 oz Mountain Dew in my bag would not be allowed. Not the first time a beverage has been confiscated from me by airport security :)

I had a couple of hours in London, so I walked around Harrod's at the Airport and then took the train to my terminal. Once I got to the terminal, I had to request a seat assignment. I won the travel lottery - I was upgraded to Business Class! For free! I had more leg room (not that I needed it), a foot rest and free alcohol. The flight from London to Hyderabad was full. I slept a little and watched TV and movies. Both the entertainment and the food exceeded my expectations.

I arrived in Hyderabad around 4:40am local time and had to go through H1N1 (swine flu) screening. After I passed, I went through customs and then on to my baggage claim. An hour and a half later, I had my luggage and found my way outside. As expected, outside was packed. I quickly found the Marriott guy holding a sign with my name. This time, they had my name right :)

The trip from the airport to the hotel is about 90 minutes or so, and I got to see the progress on the fly-over. When the fly-over is complete, it should reduce the travel time in half.

My room this trip is just down the hall from my room last time, same layout. I stopped at the hotel restaurant Okra for breakfast (Its about 10am here) and now I'm sitting in the lounge. It is comforting to be somewhere familiar. But I wish Erin was here this time!!!

So now I'm going to kick back, relax and get to bed!

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  1. Man, lucky! I've always wanted to fly First/Business class. Not enough to actually pay for it, though, of course. ;)


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