Monday, July 20, 2009

So in about twenty hours I will be flying from Des Moines to Chicago to London to Hyderabad. Am I packed? Of course not! I'm still working on laundry!

I have purchased everything I needed, and tomorrow I plan on sleeping in a little, stopping by the office before I leave. My flight leaves at 7pm. The flight from Chicago to London is an overnight flight, and then I'll have a couple hours in Heathrow Airport before a 9 hour flight to Hyderabad.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in Hyderabad! And I'll be there for Company Day - a big company-wide anniversary party! I am also very fortunate that Whitney Wrona will also be in Hyderabad while I'm there!


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  1. Dear Lauren,

    I talked to Grandma today and she is enjoying your information. She is not sure how to comment, so she wanted me to say hello. It was a beautifu day to lay in the I did! Hope you are well and safe.

    Love always,



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