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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I just boarded my flight from DFW to AGS (flying from Des Moines to
Augusta today) with about 20 soldiers - some don't look old enough to
drive, let alone fight for our country. These brave men and women and
their families have made sacrifices I cannot imagine.

During active duty, they are in a position to make life and death
decisions that impact something bigger than they are. I feel humbled
by them; I am in awe of them. Just the sight of their uniforms and The
US flag on their arms helps me put my life in perspective - most of my
daily decisions involve which cereal I want for breakfast or where to
eat lunch with my friends. My job requires some sacrifices - if you
can call spending 3 weeks at a nice hotel a sacrifice.

Nearly 9 years after September 11th, 2001, I am still able to safely
fly cross-country and around the world because of their service to our
country. There are parts of the world that are provided the freedoms I
enjoy for the first time ever because of them.

I want to take a moment from my usual, self-involved posts to say
"thank you" to everyone who serves our country and their families!!!!!

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