A Weekend of R&R in the ATL

Monday, September 6, 2010

What a great three day weekend! 

Friday night I drove from Augusta to spend time with family near Atlanta.  After getting a head start leaving Augusta, I made it to my Aunt & Uncle's house in time to go to the high school football game where I got to see my cousin Brandon and the Ola Marching Band perform at the half time show.  The turn out for the game was amazing, but the final score of the game proved that band draws more of a crowd than the football team.

The rest of the weekend was spent eatting, shopping, watching movies, swimming in their pool and relaxing in the hot tub.  It was so wonderful to spend time with my Aunt Cathy, Uncle Darcy, and cousins Will, Brandon, and Mackenzie and her husband Brandon.  Especially Mackenzie who I haven't seen in FOREVER!

What a great three day weekend!


  1. We should have done something in ATL seeing as we were all there.

  2. I know! You guys were running back and forth about the same time I was!


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