Sunday in Atlanta

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I already shared how fun Saturday was in Atlanta, and Sunday gave Saturday a run for it's money.

I got the chance to sleep in before heading back into the city with David to meet a friend Jason for brunch/lunch.  We checked out Parish, a Lousiana & Southern inspired restaurant near Inman Park.  After a fabulous meal followed by dessert, David and I headed to The World Of Coca-Cola. 

The World of Coke tour was a bunch of fun - I really liked tasting all the different sodas from around the world.  Most were horrible.

After some retail therapy in the gift shop, I got the chance to view pics of David and I.  Check out these cheesy mugs. 

I want his scarf

The photographer told us to look cheesy...mission: accomplished.

Oh! And the big announcement...Friday!


  1. You still have no Augusta photos!

    P.S. I feel like that bear might be trying to sneak a peek down David's polo. Perv!

  2. HAHA! Nice!

    Augusta pics on my next trip, I promise!


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