Rate the Ride: 2010 Ford Escape

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I've professed my love for the new rental car center at Atlanta's airport before, and I had another great experience November 14th.  My rental car this time is a 2010 Ford Escape.  The two hour drive from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to Augusta, Georgia was painless and made getting around Augusta for the week fairly easy.  This last weekend, I spent another 10+ hours between Augusta, Atlanta and surrounding suburbs.  After all those miles - here is my review.

What I love:
  • The aux input and cigarette lighter/power source conveniently located in the dash.  
  • Cruise and volume controls on the steering wheel 
  • Plenty of cargo and passenger space
  • The blind spot mirror made it really easy to change lanes

What I don't love: 
  • The ride was a bit bumpy (especially when compared to the Buick Lacrosse)
  • The windshield wipers aren't the easiest to control while driving
  • The turn signal doesn't consistently turn off after completing a turn

The final grade: B+

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