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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few months ago, I invested in new luggage for my cross country/globe trotting adventures.  I took some time to research what I want, plan a budget and took home some fabulous deals thanks to TJMaxx.  My big purchase were two Heys expandable hard sided suitcases with 4 spinner wheels – one 20” one 24”.  After a dozen flights, here is my review:

What I love:
  • The 4 spinner wheels make such a difference.  I’m able to push my suitcases (one in each hand) rather than pull.
  • They are lightweight - I have yet to hit the weight limit for either bag (50 lbs on American Airlines)
  • They are sturdy and have kept their shape (minus one small dent on a corner)
  • A fabric divider on one side and a "seat-belt" for the other side keeps my stuff in place, and helps keep everything from getting more wrinkled.
What I don’t love:
  • Limiting myself to one small and one medium sized bag has made packing more of a challenge.  I've since added a Hey's Sidewinder 28" in silver - from Marshal's.
  • If the bag is packed full, it can require both hands to collapse the handle (the handle frame is internal for ruggedness)
  • The acrylic Heys' logo was scuffed up after my first trip.  Obviously not a deal-breaker, but it bummed me out 
  • The outside has a few scrapes and scratches - nothing serious, but they no longer look brand new.

Overall Grade: Adding up the price, value and my overall experience with the bags, they deserve a solid A+

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