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Friday, January 21, 2011

In case we haven't actually met, I should get this out of the way upfront - I love photography.

In planning for my trip to The Philippines, I've purchased some additional gear to make travel photography more fun.  I currently have two cameras, a Sony Alpha DSLR and a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot.  I usually use the DSLR for big trips, when I know I'll be taking a bunch of photos and the Coolpix stays in my purse most of the time.

My budget didn't allow me to buy the camera of my dreams, but a few simple products were a manageable investment. 

1) OP Tech 3/8" Fashion Strap with a weight reduction system - Sadly, this won't change the number on the bathroom scale, it claims to lighten the load of my camera around my neck. (From HB Leiserowitz in Des Moines)  We'll come back to this with #2.

2) Camera Strap Buddy is designed to change the way your camera hangs from your neck.  With a normal set up, your camera hangs with your lens in a prime spot to be struck or banged against a wall. (From

Instead of mounting the straps on either side

It mounts one to the tripod mount below

And about 3 minutes, I had the new strap mounted like this

So now it can hang with the lens pointed down.  The set up also makes it easy to hang over one shoulder like this:

(Notice: in the 2nd picture of me, my sleeves are rolled up. Obviously, I meant business.)

3) Pocket X-Shot Camera Extender - Ever get tired of saying "Hey mister! Will you take my/our photo?" (also from  Usually I try to take my own photo like this:
 Yeah.  With a success rate under 30%, you can see why I'd search for a better option. 

This slick little monopod + the timer on your camera lets you take photos of yourself that actually look good.

Photojojo also included a free dinosaur along with my shipment.  His name is Freebs, short for Freebasaurus and he will be accompanying me to The Philippines.

So what camera gear do you guys swear by?


  1. Have fun with your XShot and share some pics when you get back!
    Did you see that the Pocket XShot has a tripod socket at the base of the shaft if you want to use it on a tripod for additional height or angles.
    Have a great trip to the Philippines!

  2. That is AWESOME! I will certainly be adding pics, be sure to check back! :)

    And thanks for stopping by!


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