Weekend well spent!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Well, my last weekend in Des Moines for a while sure was fun...but I didn't accomplish much for my trip.  I did purchase a new Flip video camera for my adventures...but outside of that, I should have gotten more done. 

Friday night began with a birthday party for a few friends celebrating January birthdays at the High Life Lounge downtown.  I was a tad over-served and was a little sore for a 9am commitment I had made.  Oh well, a couple of naps later, I was back to normal.  Sunday was a lazy day that started with an early breakfast, then a trip to Costco later in the afternoon.  I did get a couple of things for my trip - the Filp camera, some Starbucks Via instant coffee and some candy for my training classes. So I guess I was productive!

Sunday night I had a little get together with some friends downtown at Hessen Haus, a German restaurant/bar with really good food. It was great to see everyone, and it meant a lot to me that they showed up to see me off!

As of right now I still have a trip to Target, picking up contacts, and a few small errands left on my list.  Oh yeah, and laundry and packing.  But come on, I still have 2 full days, right?

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