Whats the (flight) plan, Stan?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My travel has been booked for awhile now, but I realized yesterday that I hadn't yet shared it with anyone!

Here's the plan!

Date: Thursday, February 3rd
Flight 1: 10:07am Des Moines, Iowa (DSM) to Detroit, Michigan (DTW) Delta flight #3012 arriving at 1:13pm (12:13pm central)
Flight 2: 3:35pm (2:35pm central) Detroit (DTW) to Manila (MNL) Delta flight #629 arriving at 12:10am on Saturday, February 5th (9:10am central on February 4th.  While this is a non-stop flight, it stops in Nagoya, Japan (NKM) but I believe I will stay on the same plane. 

Twenty-three hours of travel, more if you count getting to the airport in Des Moines and transportation from the airport to my apartment in Manila.  I'm a little nervous for the flight from Detroit to Manila, at almost 18 hours, it is nearly twice as long as the longest flight I've been on. 

***Warning: Upcoming TMI****
I don't pee on airplanes.  Even with international travel, it is something I avoid like the plague.  On my last trip to India, I did not use the airplane bathrooms once. I planned my dehydration so that I used the restrooms at the airports in Des Moines, Chicago, London and Hyderabad.  That's it.  This is extremely dangerous as it increases your risks for a bazillion different medical conditions, including Deep Vein Thrombosis.   Please don't be as foolish as me.   On my return trip, I was bumped up to business class where I was greeted with champagne and the wine kept flowing...I had zero problems using the restroom on board that flight.

***TMI over***

One threat to long distance travel is Deep Vein Thrombosis, so I've decided to get a pair of those dorky medical socks that will (hopefully) keep me safe and healthy on these flights.  I'm also interested to see how the stop over in Japan goes.  Don't worry, you know I'll be back with a full update!

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  1. Update: I totally used the restroom once on the flight from Detroit to Nagoya


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