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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its a bit late, or early, depending how you look at it.  Today, err...yesterday was a great day.  I woke up, chatted with a friend, got some work done and spent the afternoon wrapping up the last of my errands with a friend plus a little lunch.  Around 3pm, I returned home to pack.  With the help of my mom and sister, I was about 70% packed before I left for dinner and karaoke with friends.  "I'll be home by 10" I told myself...famous last words.

My sister and I returned home hoarse around 12:30 where I zipped up 3 of my 4 suitcases and have a small pile to pack in the morning.  As I type this, I'm procrastinating packing my carry on bag.

After I get my carry on squared away, I'll catch a few hours of sleep before breakfast with my family then off to the airport.

As I set off on this journey, I want to thank you guys for tagging along.  Look for a post Friday afternoon that I've arrived in Manila!

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