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Saturday, February 4, 2012

In typical Iowa fashion, I'm being sent off with a snow storm.  That's right, 60 degree weather on Wednesday, half foot of snow on Saturday.  I spent most of my day watching ABCFamily shows on Netflix and even ventured out to a friend's for pasta. 

I'm sure any regular readers (do I have those?) won't be surprised to hear that I didn't begin packing until around 8pm this evening, with a goal of catching the 6am flight tomorrow morning.  Which would explain why it is nearly midnight and I am still doing laundry.  HA!

I'm jetting off to Augusta, Georgia tomorrow for a three week trip.  Well, a two week trip followed by a weekend home then another one week trip.  My best friend is meeting me in Atlanta next weekend, so it will be like a mini-vacation in Hot-lanta. 

Once again, I find myself struggling to pack.  I've mentioned before my packing method for three-week trips 
1) Open suitcase
2) dump all in-season clothes
3) Try to close suitcase. 

But I have hit the following road blocks.
1) My home-office is casual dress and the office in Augusta is Business Casual.  So I've been digging out flats and heels and skirts when all I've worn for the last few months are jeans and comfy shoes.
2) Rounding up my toiletry items.  I returned from my last work trip in September, and aside from vacations in October and December, I've been home.  My usually well-stocked toiletry tote has been pillaged and it looks like a target run for shampoo and conditioner will be required upon arrival.
3) Computer bag is a mess - I used my backpack on vacation and here in town for a couple things and managed to misplace all of my travel stuff.  GPS kit, audio cable for rental car, wireless mouse, mini first aid kit, hotel door alarm, etc.  You laugh, but I haven't really had to pack this stuff since I purchased my bag. 

Re-reading my ramblings above, clearly I am avoiding packing and a bit sleep deprived.  Also, I'm kind of the queen of First World Problems.  "Poor me, my awesome job is flying me someplace warm for three weeks but I have to pack my bag!"  Feel free to flame me in the comments :)

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