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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My birthday is coming up.  I mention this not for recognition, but I'm kind of avoiding it.  Turning another year older doesn't really bother me, but this Thursday is my birthday, next Wednesday is the 4th of July and the following Tuesday I'm on a plane for Manila.  Once my birthday gets here, I know it will be a complete blur and next think I'll know, I'm on a plane.  

My anxiety has this weird duality to it; I am thrilled to see my friends in Manila again, yet I'm afraid of how homesick I'll feel.  I'm super excited to finally met Candice, who I've been working with for nearly a year, but six weeks is a long time to be away.

On my first trip to Manila, I loved having so much within walking distance; just a few minutes to fabulous restaurants and shopping.  I stayed in a beautiful apartment just a few blocks from the office.  On my upcoming trip, I'm staying in a different apartment (which I've read some unfavorable reviews from) that is even closer to shopping and dining, and I'm terribly nervous that I will experience the same problems in the negative reviews.  Unfortunately, the apartment building where I stayed before is booked for the first week I'll be in town, so I can't stay there.  

On my first trip to Manila, I became friends with an awesome group of people who were warm and welcoming.  I also was staying in the same apartment complex as two other co-workers from the states that I'm good friends with.  This time I'll be flying solo.  

I'm also a little nervous about food.  I know there are tons of food options, but I recently found out that I have some food sensitivities; one of them is RICE.  That's right, I'm headed to Asia for 6 weeks and can't eat rice.  Listen, I'll be the first to admit that I could stand to miss a few meals.  But when you can't eat the most common food in the country (seriously, it comes with every meal - even McDonald's!), meal planning is going to suck.

So today I will keep myself distracted by editing photos, and try to pull myself out of this mindset.  Tomorrow, I will be back to feeling excited and thrilled for my trip.  But today I believe I will pout.

PS- I got my promotion at work!  YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!

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  1. Belated happy birthday and congratulations Lauren! Your first cup of TAHO's on me. ;)


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