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Friday, July 20, 2012

As I sit on my comfy couch watching Glee (don't judge) and the rain pours outside, I am reminded how easy I have it here.  In all actuality, I have it pretty easy everywhere I live, but especially here.  

On my first trip to Manila, I did a pretty crappy job blogging which left me really disappointed in my commitment to my blog.  In fact, I had revived and updated my blog because I was coming here.  I think part of the reason I didn't blog enough was life here was too easy.  I figured it is a good time to break down my day.

My day starts at 6:30pm when my alarm goes off.  You might be surprised by the late hour, but it is really 5:30am central time.  After hitting the snooze button several times, I finally get up at 7pm and call transportation to arrange for a car at 8pm.  Then its time to shower and get ready for the day.  Much like in the states, picking out clothes can be a challenge; it is hot and humid outside but chilly in the training room.  

A few minutes before 8, I'm gathering the last of my things before walking for the door to catch the elevator down twelve floors to the lobby.  Greeted by the transportation and concierge teams, I quickly sign for my car and wait a few moments for a car to pull up to the front doors.  I'm fortunate that Fraser has a covered loading and unloading area so I don't get drenched in monsoon season.  I'm serious, 30 seconds in this rain and you are soaked.  

I usually make small talk with the driver on the 5-10 minute drive to RCBC Plaza - our office location.  While at the vehicle checkpoint, I grab a couple of dollars to tip my driver who pulls into the covered drop-off/pick-up area.  I thank him and head inside.  

Security checkpoints are standard here and my purse and backpack are inspected.  I wouldn't call it a thorough inspection, but they use a chopstick to peek into my purse and unzip one of the pockets of my travel backpack.  I walk to the entrance to our tower for another inspection, including a metal detector.  Sometimes it feels like my bags aren't inspected very closely and it makes me wonder if I get some sort of blonde-lady exception.  

As I walk to the 2nd bank of elevators, I pass by the empty visitors desk for the Australian and Canadian Embassies.  At 8pm, they are abandoned, but in the morning I'll see a dozen or so people in line for visas.  I travel up to the 39th floor where another security guard checks my bags.  

After setting up my computer, I grab my water bottle and return to the ground floor.  In addition to the two towers, there is a pedestal with two level over the drop off area with a dozen or more restaurants including a Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and a 7-11 convenience store.  Our office limits outside drink containers to prevent spills so I get my grande iced soy latte in my water bottle and a slice of banana bread for breakfast.  Its not quite as good as my moms, but it will tide me over until lunch.

I train from 9pm until our lunch break at 1am.  Luckily, many of the restaurants in the building and across the street are open until 2 or 3am, so I have my choice of restaurants.  Thursday and Friday nights also include a street market where I've enjoyed lechon (crispy pork belly) and Korean bbq ribs.

Back to the classroom from 2-6am and then to the pick-up area for transportation back to the Fraser.  I've been spoiled this last week with John and Greg in town; we rode to their amazing hotel for an outstanding breakfast that thankfully serves breakfast and dinner food.  Stuffed to the gills, I'd walk or take a cab back to Fraser around 8:30am.  The city is pretty busy by this point but my day is nearly over.

I am again greeted at Fraser by transportation and the concierge staff and head back to the twelfth floor.  Grabbing the local paper from my doorstep, I read headlines and hear my phone beep that I have wifi signal.  Time to boot up my personal computer for phone calls and video chats back home.  I watch some television and try to fall asleep by 11:30am; thank goodness for blackout curtains. 

So that wraps up an overly-detailed outline of my day; now its time for me to head to bed - I get to sleep in tomorrow!       



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