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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I’ve mentioned before the benefits of frequent flier miles through airlines and hotel points for free trips and upgrades.  In order to gain points quickly, you need to gain status on the airline; typically, each tier includes earning bonus miles – 25-100% more.  Each airline has their own loyalty program, and I am currently a fan of Delta Skymiles after falling out of love with American’s AAdvantage program.
I had flown Delta a handful of times previously, but gained Silver status in 2011 after my first trip to Manila pushed me over 25,000 miles flown in a year.  Silver is the lowest tier but still offers plenty of rewards in upgrades and earning bonus miles.  You can also gain status by your segments, or number of flights.  I usually miss this mark because I drive to and from Augusta from the Atlanta airport and miss out on the segments.  Did you know that hotel stays and car rentals can also earn you frequent flier miles?  Avis rewards me with 500 airline miles for every week-long rental.
My current trip to Manila will ensure I once again gain eligibility with silver status and the rest of my schedule may result in Gold status.  Rumor has it I’ll be returning to Manila before the year is done!
Here’s my current travel calendar: (all of the Atlanta flights are en route to Augusta, Georgia)
August 16th – Manila to Des Moines
August 20th – Des Moines to Atlanta
August 24th – Atlanta to Seattle
August 26th – Seattle to Atlanta
August 31st – Atlanta to Des Moines
September 3rd – Des Moines to Atlanta
September 7th – Atlanta to Des Moines
September 24th – Des Moines to El Paso
September 28th – El Paso to Las Vegas
September 30th – Las Vegas to El Paso
October 5th – El Paso to Des Moines
October 7th – Des Moines to Atlanta
October 12th – Atlanta to Des Moines
October 15th – Des Moines to El Paso
October 19th – El Paso to Des Moines
October 21st – Des Moines to El Paso
October 26th – El Paso to Des Moines
November 27th – Des Moines to Manila
December 20th – Manila to Des Moines

Looking over this list, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. But in addition to all the hard work, I've got some personal trips planned for fun.  I even get the feeling that I'll be a little bored between October 26th and November 27th - what will I do with a whole month at home?

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