Vacation Flashback: Vegas 2012 - Part 1: Jim & Angie's Ceremony

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Word of caution to my friends; if you joke about me joining your vacation, there's a good chance I'll be emailing you my flight confirmation shortly after!  When our friends Jim and Angie decided to renew their vows in Las Vegas, Jim make a comment about the expensive photography fee and said he wished he could just hire us to go with them.  About two hours later, I had booked tickets for James and me to join them!  Once again, flying through Allegiant Airlines, we booked airfare, hotel, and ground transportation for $777 - a lucky sign for a Vegas trip, right?  

Work travel threw a wrench in my plans when I needed to be in El Paso the week before and after our trip, but I was able to coordinate direct flights from El Paso arriving about the same time.  As I packed my bags, my mom playfully said "You better not get married in Vegas too!"  - ha!  Little did she know we had bigger plans for our own wedding a couple years later!   I traveled with my camera gear in my carry-on, and a small bag for our two nights in town.  I arrived in Vegas about an hour before James was scheduled to arrive, which turned into two hours as his flight was delayed.  I was worried we would miss the sunset ceremony in front of the fountains at The Bellagio Hotel, so we skipped the transport and took a cab to the hotel and arrived in plenty of time! With Jim and Angie were a couple family members, and our friends Allen and Rachel whose wedding I also photographed!
Their lovely ceremony was performed by a minister who took time earlier in the day to get to know Jim and Angie, and did a fantastic job when describing their relationship.    We saw a few other weddings, and I think he provided the best service, hands down. 

After the ceremony, we took more photos, and waited for the sun to set to capture the image Angie dreamed of:

While we waited for the next fountain show, we watched another couple get married at the same spot.  They traveled from the east coast to elope, and their photographer left after a few photos, so we captured more for them.  They were so sweet, but we never heard from them!

Do you know this couple?  Have them contact me!

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