Vacation Flashback - 25 Hours in Vegas

Monday, June 19, 2017

My mom is a big George Strait fan.  Like big, big.  Huge.  She and her bestie Sherrie have traveled to see him in Minneapolis, Dallas, and Phoenix on multiple occasions, so I wasn't terribly surprised when they planned a trip to see him during his residency in Vegas.  Since George retired from touring, this was a bigger deal than some of the other concerts, and they ended up with a group of seven meeting up in Vegas - leaving one extra ticket for me!

I couldn't commit to the trip early on because of work projects that were up in the air.  When I finally nailed down my assignment, I was to be in Atlanta the week before and realized I could probably find a good deal on a flight from Atlanta to Vegas.  Sure enough, as a hub airport, there were a ton of cheap fares, and for $195 I booked a flight on Frontier, arriving at 7pm Friday.  Since I would be arriving at the arena directly from the airport, so I packed a change of clothes and toiletries in my sister's suitcase.

So I spent the week in Atlanta, and around 4pm changed into a dress for the concert, and drove to the airport with just my purse.  The flight to Vegas was uneventful, and after some confusion, I found my Uber driver who got me to the venue quick enough to still enjoy the opening act, Casey Musgraves.  If you haven't heard of her, check out her video for Biscuits - it's pretty cute!  Last time I saw George, Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn opened for him.
George Strait and the Ace in the Hole band were as awesome as ever.  But even more enjoyable was seeing my mom fangirl and have such a great time with her best friends.  The eight of us were split up four and four, so my mom, sister, and my 2nd mother Judy sat together, and Sherrie, Casady, Holly, and another friend were about six rows ahead of us.  George played one of my two favorite songs of his; Troubadour, but didn't play I Cross My Heart from the movie Pure Country.  

After the concert, we walked around a bit before hailing a couple Uber's back to the home they rented on AirBnB.  The house was a perfect pick by Casady, and had plenty of comfy beds for everyone, plus a pool to keep cool during the day.  Our group needed two Ubers to get around, which was a bit cumbersome at times, but way better than dealing with cabs.  Luckily for my mom and her friends, Cas and my sister were in charge of transportation, making it easy for the over-forty crowd. We spent the morning at the pool before heading back to the strip for lunch and shopping and my first trip to the Venetian hotel, which was a welcome escape from the desert heat.  We ventured to Fremont Street for more souvenirs, people watching, alcohol drinking, and gambling.   

When it was time for me to head to the airport, I said my goodbyes as the ladies continued on their adventures, returning to Des Moines a few days later.  Anticipating a chilly red eye flight back to Atlanta, I got a souvenir sweatshirt to keep warm!  Taking off 25 hours after I landed, the same flight crew got me back to Atlanta just after 3am.   

What a fun, whirlwind trip with so many fun people I love!

My mom, me, sister, and 2nd mother Judy.

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