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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

One of the perks of our somewhat unconventional jobs is the flexibility to travel without taking a ton of time off.  As the dates solidified for my most recent trip to Arizona, my best guy offered to join me for the first week of my two week assignment.  My wonderful boss was also joining in for the week, bringing her husband and two boys, and was staying a few extra days to visit the Grand Canyon.  Add in my awesome teammates Skye, Jenny and Erin, we had a whole gang meeting up for some hard work and fun in the sun!

I flew out Sunday so I could be there first thing Monday morning, and James caught a flight Monday after work.  We found a great deal on Allegiant  that would arrive a little before 11pm in Phoenix.  So after my all day meeting, I grabbed dinner and went back to my hotel to relax when the Google App on my phone reminded me that it was time to leave for the airport and it would take about half an hour.  I looked at the pop up and thought "silly Google, Sky Harbor airport is like 10 minutes away!"  Then I clicked on the email and realized I had booked his flight to Phoenix-Mesa airport, a small regional airport around 20 miles away.  Thank goodness for the alert from Google; I can only imagine how it would have played out otherwise!

We spent our week dining out with friends, celebrating my boss' birthday with dinner and Ping Pong, and cooling off (it got up to 114 degrees!) in the pool.  The obligatory stop at In-N-Out burgers did not disappoint!  My rental Mustang was extra fun to zip around in, but less fun when we added passengers to the backseat.  James daytime excursions included meeting up with our gang for lunch, checking out Mill Avenue, Alice Cooper'stown restaurant, and a Diamondbacks game in their air conditioned stadium.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, and we're already planning our next visit!

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