Company Day - Part 1

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey there!
Okay- so I'm going to try to re-post pics and videos...we'll see how this goes!
Company day was simply amazing!

On our way to HITEC City (about 45 minutes from the hotel) we saw an company billboard featuring Farha from the ESC!

The event started at 3pm with a torch lighting event to kick off the celebration. When it was time to light the flame, they invited Whitney, Mark (both from Alpharetta) and I on stage to participate and say something. Nothing like an impromptu speech!

The first part of the event were booths set up by each business unit. COS' theme was a Travel Agency as a One Stop Shop for all your travel needs, in line with COS' One Stop Shop for HRBPO. Very clever! The time and attention to detail for each booth was amazing! Groups put in extra time and effort for months - and they even arrived to set up six hours early!

Some of the other themes were pottery, The Jackson 5, haunted house, Hollywood, Subway sandwich shop and Texas Automotive. We visited each booth, and I learned more about all of the Business Units in two hours than I have working here for 4 years.

One booth focused on I & Eye, a school for the visually impaired that is supported by our company. We saw demonstrations in writing in Braille, using a mobile phone (by touch and listening to the tones when pressing buttons), playing cricket, mathematics (without a calculator) and assembling computer hardware. I was so impressed and felt so lucky to meet such amazing kids.

After the booths, Radikah escorted us to the seats she had reserved for us in the performance hall for the main event. We were front row center! The stage and effects were impressive but I can't even begin to describe the energy in auditorium. 3,000 associates jumping and cheering waiting for the presentation to begin. You would have thought we were waiting for Sir Paul McCartney to take the stage.

Children from one of the schools that is supported by MIDAS, and associate driven program that provides supplies, volunteers and medical exams for local schools did a traditional dance performance that was beautiful.
Between different awards that were given, groups performed dances and songs that they had prepared. One group was a rock band made up of  associates from our company. One of the lead singers is the training manager, Arun!

Associates came into work early and worked weekends to choreograph and rehearse their performances. Here is Aarthi's group dancing to "Boom Boom Pow"

More to come... :)

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  1. Dear Lauren,

    I really enjoyed the videos and it looked like it was a great time. Be safe and always, I love you.



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