Company Day Part 2

Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay! I was afraid that I would lose the videos again, so I decided to split this up a read the earlier post first!

The finale was "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire

They had a huge video screen behind the stage, and they would put videos of the audience up there...Whitney, Mark and I especially. We had our pictures taken a bunch, and Mark made fun of Whitney and I because we kept smiling anytime we saw a camera. The last thing I want is for a picture of me mid-sentence to be circulating the office! But the joke was on him when he wasn't paying attention and his was on the video screen looking confused! :)
I am proud to say the the ESC (my group) won Best Call Center! As the team ran up on stage, there were cheers and tears of happiness and so much excitement!

What I have written so far does not do justice to the event Sunday night. I can not begin to explain the excitement I witnessed. I have never seen that level of passion for our (or any other) company. The pride of the teams as they won awards for business results from the previous year - entire teams ran up on stage to accept the awards. Every group seemed genuinely happy for the other team as they won. There was equal excitement for winning Runner Up or 1st place. The original 14 executives who started the India location 10 years ago were emotional as they accepted awards. I wish I could bring that excitement back to the US!
The presentation wrapped about 11pm, and everyone took a break for dinner before coming back for the DJ and dancing. Whitney and I had to call it a night around 11, and we came back to the hotel.
The night was so far beyond my was such a wonderful night!

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