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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Training today is from 10:00am-7pm CST, which is 8:30pm-5:30am India time, so I got to sleep in a little bit. I didn't get ready in time for lunch at Okra, so I enjoyed Tea in the lobby with scones, tea and a cucumber sandwich.

I got my upcoming training schedule the other day, and it looks like more travel is in store for me :) I love traveling, and I love my job. Its hard to be away from home for too long - I miss my family, my friends and my puppies. I even miss being in the Des Moines office! Although I am very lucky to have friends wherever I travel to! :)

Love lots,


  1. Dear Lauren,
    I am enjoying your blog now that I have figured out how to get on. I'm not to good with computers. Your room is beautiful and it look like you are having a great time. Look at all those pearls, did they bring security? What fun! Hope you are taking good care of yourself and being careful! Love ya, Judy

  2. I miss you and am so glad you will be coming home next week. The training your are doing is so important and I have been bugging Dan to get us Stellarfied for over a year now. Way excited that you are working with the team! Thanks twin!


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