Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another restful day. I fell asleep around 3am yesterday, and slept in again. Whitney and I had the brunch buffet today around 12:30. They had street vendor-type food available on the patio and featured drinks sponsored by Bacardi. The buffet included typical continental style with some Asian and some Western choices. Whitney was even able to get her sushi fix!

After lunch, we both had appointments for facials at the spa. It was very relaxing! After the spa, we hung out in the Executive Lounge (again) until the jeweler arrived with pearls. Oh my, did he bring pearls!
Here are some pearls arranged on Whitney's bed.

Here is me being a "Price is Right" girl (are they still "Barker's Beauties" since Bob Barker retired?)
A close up of some bracelets
After exhausting our budgets on pearls, we did what we do best...went to the Executive Lounge!
I'm looking forward to a busy week in the office. We have Stellar Service Training as well as a Benefits Knowledge Tournament and I'll be working again with the trainers on some application training!
Next weekend is Golconda Fort and, of course...more SHOPPING!
Much love,

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  1. Dear Lauren,

    I love the pearls and you are a Barkers girl! I don't know how you can pick from so many. Judy is calling to get your info and try to write something. I love safe.




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