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Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a wonderful day! I'm sure many would criticize that I did not take full advantage of this beautiful city today, but I really did have a splendid day. And I don't say "splendid" that often. Last night, I fell asleep without advil pm or anything around 1am. This was early for me, because I usually work the night shift here (US day shift) but yesterday I worked UK shift so that I could spend more time with the HYD trainers. After work, Arun took us shopping where I was able to cross off just about everything on my shopping list...minus the pearls!

I woke up around 10:15am...9 hours of sleep! My malrone (anti-malarial drugs - yes mom, I'm taking them) are still giving me crazy dreams, but better then the alternative. Whit and I met up for lunch at 12:45 and had a delicious meal from the buffet at Okra. They even had beef!

We made appointments at the spa for massages (PS- were right) and enjoyed an hour of pampering. Afterwards we hung out in the executive lounge (again) and talked, watched YouTube videos, listened to music and video chatted with my parents. Outside, we saw a little lizard on the balcony. We stuck around for happy hour and enjoyed some wine and appetizers. Its about 10:30 pm now and Whit is headed to her room so that she could call her family.

It was so nice just to relax today. It is amazing to have it so calm up here in the executive center and have the city busy below. Of course, we aren't immune to the horn honks...even at 10:30 at night. Right now I am looking over Hussain Sagar and I can see the reflection of the city lights on the lake, and it is so peaceful. Also, Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" is playing on the radio. Nice.

The waitstaff here is so attentive. Most of the guys in the Executive Lounge know Whitney & I's names and (more importantly) what we like to drink.

Okay....jump forward a little bit here. Right after Whitney left, this guy came over and was like "Hi Lauren." I felt bad because I didn't recognize him and he told me he had met Erin when she was here last month. Erin's Stalker found me!

He sat down and kept talking and talking and talking and by divine intervention, Whit came running upstairs needed help with the video chat! She saved the day! Now we have a plan for what I can say to be more firm and not so nice. Don't get me wrong, I try to be a nice person, but when instinct tells you not to do something, or that something just isn't right - you have to listen! This guy was sitting upstairs for about four hours. He waited until maybe five minutes after Whitney left to come over to talk to me. And he seemed too familiar with me, knowing where I was from, where I left me feeling very uneasy. He wasn't picking up any hints when I continued to type on my computer or said I had to go.

Better to be safe than sorry!

Much love!

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