Saturday, August 8, 2009

While your Saturday is just getting started, the sun has set on mine. Today didn't go quite as planned, but what a fun day!

Hyderabad is hosting the world championship for badminton this weekend. The attention and foreign visitors resulted in a few terrorist threats at large public places. Our company's security team decided it would be best if we stayed at the hotel today. There were also threats against Mumbai (Bombay) and Bangalore as India's Independence Day is quickly approaching and terrorists behind a previous bombing were executed today.

I slept in this morning and joined Whitney, Arun and Arun's band for lunch at the hotel. After lunch we took photos of his band around the hotel. After a few hours, security informed us that we were not allowed to take pictures of the hotel, but Whitney worked her magic on the hotel manager and soon enough we were back in business! The guys were amazing to work with, so relaxed yet excited to have their photo taken.

We are unsure of what we will be able to do tomorrow, but I want to make sure that everyone knows that we are taking every precaution possible. Arun has simply been a wonderful host. Arun is a delightful combination of an overprotective big brother and an amazing tour guide. He has told us time and time again that our security is his highest priority.

Whitney and I decided to end the day doing what we do best...hanging out in the executive lounge! Food is is great!

Hello to everyone back home...I know the day is just getting started!

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