Sunday = Funday :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another great weekend in Hyderabad!

Whitney and I enjoyed breakfast (yummy french toast) and Arun joined us upstairs to look at pictures from Saturday.

Avis, who is simply an amazing trainer, invited Whitney, me and the Stellar Facilitators (all certified last week! Woot woot!) to her home for lunch. When we arrived, we were greeted by her dogs...I got my puppy fix! I also got to ride around her neighborhood on a moped!

We started with round after round of appetizers and everyone sat around the living room talking, eating and it wasn't long before George got out his guitar and we were singing everything from The Beatles to John Denver!

As the afternoon went on, they started singing famous Hindi songs and then the dancing began!

Later we sat down for some Biryani (a spicy rice dish - Hyderabad's most famous meal) and cottage cheese. Absolutely wonderful lunch!
After our meal it was time for more singing and dancing! We stayed until about 5:30 and then we went for a little more shopping :)
More soon, I promise.
Lots of love,

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