Week 1 - Flew by!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow - once again I have let the week slip by without a post!  This week went by pretty quickly.  I've got a pretty solid routine for before and after work, just trying to hit my stride with a sleep pattern that will provide me with enough energy to train all day, and still let me enjoy the city some.

I was feeling under the weather on Wednesday, and decided to stay at the apartment.  With training starting on the 14th, I can't afford to miss any time so it was important for me to kick this bug before the week was done.  Luckily, I was ready to go Thursday for our Team Effectiveness Training.

So far, the food has been great - but I haven't had much Filippino food.  Breakfast food is exactly what you'd expect - eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc.  The only odd thing is I eat breakfast when I get home from work around 8am before going to bed.  Lunch and dinner (right before work starts) has been all over the place.  I've had some Asian food, Italian food and even KFC one night with the Team Leads.

In a few hours a group of us are heading over to Shangri-la Hotel for their breakfast buffet.  It is absolutely amazing - this will be my 2nd trip.  My favorite item - Pork Bacon!

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