First weekend recap

Sunday, February 6, 2011

 It is a little after noon Monday here and we just returned from watching the Super Bowl at a local sports bar.  The broadcast was live, and I think it started around 7am - we left the apartments at 5:30am so we'd be sure to get good seats.

I found a local beer that is surprising like one of my favorites at Hessen Haus - Stiegl.  Here is a picture of Freebs enjoying the beer.

Now I'm back home, ready for a few hours of sleep before going into the office.  But I knew if I didn't write this post now...I probably never would!

Yesterday I visited the Mall of Asia and got a pedicure (about $6 USD) and made a few purchases.

The day before a group of us walked to breakfast and picked up groceries.  I unpacked the food I brought, but without much available storage space in the kitchen, I'm using some of the counter to store food.

Sorry this post is a bunch of random stuff from my weekend - I'm looking forward to figuring out my routine this week; you can expect to hear from me more often. :)

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  1. Glad to see you are out and exploring! I am jealous of the $6 dollar pedicure ;)
    How did the Asia Mall compare to our malls? Did u find any good deals?

    I am so glad u watched the Super Bowl...were the commercials the same or different? Was it televised in English?

    Thanks for all the pics and blogging! It is nice to stay in touch. Be Safe!!!


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