More Pictures from the Philippines!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here are some pictures from the first half of my trip - enjoy!

Everyone out for breakfast at Salcedo Market, a local farmers market with YUMMY food!


Our employer hosted a dinner for all of the ambassadors

Mardi Greg!
You read that right.  We titled our first town hall meeting "Mardi Greg" as it fell on Mardi Gras and coincided with Greg's birthday.  The teams went all out - no birthday will ever compare!

Performing a medley of Greg's favorite songs

Wave 2's Choreographed dance to one of his favorite songs

Greg next to his birthday cake!  The team leads also catered in dinner for everyone!

Wave 1's Choreographed dance

The grand finale!

The teams leads created a great video with photos from Greg's stay up to that point.  Greg's fiance and daughter back home also created a video birthday message that we played to surprise him during the event!

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