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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last fall, I posted about my new luggage (which I still love!).  Over the last few years, my domestic carry-on has become my normal bag. Yup, how crazy is it that I don't bother changing out my bag between trips? You can usually find me with a large tote-style bag like this.

I got this bag in Manila and it has been the best! The large opening means I can toss in keys, iPod and whatever else I need. On the downside, it easily becomes a blackhole for receipts and loose change.

Here are my essentials:

Chapstick - 2 kinds, pretty much my entire makeup routine.
Small pill box - Tylenol, Excedrine and Allergy drugs keep me prepared for anything - I stash my chapstick and pill box in the embroidered make-up  pouch from 31 Gifts
Nikon Point and Shoot - great for a quick picture
Flip Video Cam - totally fell in love with the one my sister and I got our mom for Christmas, it is so handy!
Wallet - I have a slim wallet from Coach that holds my ID, Credit Cards and a little bit of cash
Business Cards - both for my career as a trainer and for my photography business
iPad - I'm in love with my iPad2, it keeps me entertained when I'm stuck at an airport (like right now!) and keeps me connected to my friends, family and business while I travel.  My mom wanted to get me a Nook, like the ones her and my sister both have, but I decided I wanted something that would multitask - something I could read on or watch movies or surf the internet.
BlackBerry - I'd be lost without my BB; work emails and calendar sync keeps me on top of my tasks and appointments while I'm on the road.
iPod Touch - this loyal companion provides hours of music or movies on flights.  Paired with SkullCandy brand ear buds, they drown out a lot of the engine and cabin noise and y retractable aux cable allows me to play music in my rental cars.

International trips require a little bit more, but this is the gear that is usually on me year round.  On travel days, you can usually find a couple gossipy magazines stashed in there as well. What am I missing?  What should I add?

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