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Friday, August 5, 2011

As promised, I'm finally getting around to sharing photos from my trip earlier this year to Manila.  I hope you enjoy!

This first round of pics was from my first two days in the office - team effectiveness training!  It is so funny to look at these pictures six months later, having built relationships with each person.  I barely remembered any names the first day!

Our skit in team effectiveness training.  "Write it down, Jem"

Planning our strategy

Don't drop the ball!

We WON!!!

The rest of these pics are from my first weekend where I took pictures of every random thing I could think of.  Hahaha.
This Shabu-Shabu place reminded me of previous trips to NYC with Kristen

Aerobics in the park? :)

After a quick trip to the grocery store

Homemade food & movies - a good evening in.

The view outside my living room, during the day.

Surprisingly, not the worst I've seen.

Fish shopping.  I purchased....none.  LOL

More to come :)

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