My Weekend and Return on Sunday

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So this is the "ugly" I warned you about on the Frequently Asked Questions page.  My job is awesome but it is not always rainbows and butterflies.  This is one of those times.

This last weekend was rough.  You may have read that it didn't start out well on Friday night.  After writing that post on my iPad at the airport; I sulked and stewed for the two flights home.  After collecting my luggage, my cute driver arrived and whisked me away for a late dinner date and suddenly I was relaxed again.

Saturday I went to brunch and the mall and to the camera store for some new accessories for my new camera.  After spending too much money,  I was recruited by my parents to help paint their master bedroom.  Turns out, I am awesome at cutting in from the trim work.  I credit Sherry and her informative videos at Young House Love.  After cleaning the paint off my hands and hair, I had a lovely date at the Iowa Beef Steakhouse and watched movies until way past my bedtime.

Sunday started at its own pace, then I met up with my friend Kristen and her two adorable kids for lunch at Red Rossa Pizza.  I returned home to re-pack my bag and returned to the airport. Once again, I was instructed to use the x-ray machine and I declined.  The TSA guy near me said they "are playing with our new machines."  Awesome, I'm so glad this is a game for you.  These machines are new to Des Moines and they are still trying to figure out their procedures.

I forgot to ask for private screening and the female inspecting me and it was once again a traumatizing and embarrassing experience.  I had slouched my pants in hopes that the "resistance" she felt would be from the seam of my pants, not from my body.  She asked if I would pull them up and I refused.  Same routine, touching my crotch, ass and boobs and putting her hands down my pants.

It was mortifying and left me physically and emotionally reeling from the experience.  I felt shaky and full of anger and it took a lot of strength to keep from tearing up.  Part of me considered calling my boss in tears and telling her that I was done; done traveling, done training, just done.  Thankfully my sweet guy talked me down from the ledge.  He gently reminded me how much I enjoy my job, the benefits and perks of my job and his encouragement reminded me of the major compliment I received from the General Manager in my business unit.  By the time my plane left, I was in a much better mood and I survived my direct flight to Atlanta.

Same old routine; I grabbed my bag, rental car and made my way to I-20 for the two hour trip to Augusta.  I arrived at the hotel and settled into the same room I've called home for the last three weeks. And some pains of homesickness set in; nothing a little HGTV couldn't soothe.  

I'm really thankful for my friends here in Augusta.  I have plans every night, so I won't have time to feel homesick before returning home Thursday afternoon.

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