Today, I hate traveling.

Friday, February 17, 2012

There. I said it. Some never thought I would, but I said it. Hopefully I'll feel differently tomorrow (or Sunday at the very least, because I fly again); but for today, I hate it.

Today should have been fairly easy; I worked for four hours in Augusta, drove about two hours to Atlanta and returned my rental car with ease. Checked my bag and joined the short line for security. After ID check, I was the 2nd person in line for carry-on screening - a rarity at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Then it happened; the rent-a-cop instructed me to go through the backscatter/X-ray machine. I've written how I feel about these before, but I'm too lazy/pissed off to link to it right now (updated 2/21). Long story short, I don't think it's been proven safe. I decline (as I have before) and he hollers for a female assist. They pull my carry-ons to the checkpoint (I hope they caught a whiff of my shoes) and began the pat down. Front of the hands most everywhere, back of the hand in the "bathing suit" areas. They've (recently?) added sticking two fingers two inches inside your waistband - front and back. I shuddered.

The worst was rubbing their hands up my leg until met with "resistance" (their word, not mine). "Resistance" being my crotch. Lovely, right?

After returning from testing her gloves for chemical residue, she said I was free to take my belongings and proceed to my gate. Gee, thanks.

I feel violated and dirty. It was embarrassing to watch other passengers walk past while some strange female was touching my breasts and ass. Yes, I was given the option of private screening, and next time I will certainly accept. I felt like a criminal with my feet and legs spread apart, arms extended while patted down for who knows what.

I don't have the energy for research right now, maybe I'll update this later; but the truth is, random TSA searches and screenings aren't effective. We need actual intelligence to keep us safe, not random molestation.

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