Monday, March 26, 2012

Maybe it is the unusually spring-like weather, but I’ve been feeling really inspired lately.  I’ve been motivated at work by some pretty cool projects and my photography business is keeping me busy and helped me save for a new camera.  I’ve been inspired by other blogs to improve my travel blog;  

Young House Love – I love their optimistic and positive outlook on life.  They are full-time bloggers raising their first child and renovating their second home. I'm really looking forward to their book that comes out this fall.

Bower Power Blog – Part home, part lifestyle blog, this adorable southern lady doesn’t hold much back.  Plus, she loves bacon (a girl after my own heart)

Slugs on the Refrigerator – A fantastic photographer, craft-er and mother; Kat keeps things real from her home in Scotland.  Not every post is rainbows and sunshine, and it always sounds like she has a million projects; but you can tell she wouldn’t want it any other way.  

My good friend Melissa’s blog about living abroad – their life may seem like a fairytale, but Melissa keeps it real with stories of bugs, travel nightmares and other third-world surprises as she documents life in Nigeria.  

Journey with Judah – a high school friend, former journalist and current law student documents her life with her two year old son, Judah, who suffered severe brain damage at birth.  Powerful topic, great insight and incredibly well written (its almost like she's a journalist or something...)

The Bloggess -  Her tagline is "Like Mother Theresa, only better." and I couldn't say it better myself.  For an introduction to her awesome-ness, check out this post.  If you didn't laugh out loud, then we probably can't be friends in real life. 

All five blogs are written by talented, creative people with so much to say and exceptional writing skills. 

Sometimes I get down on myself, I have lots of room for improvement in my own writing.  Ugh, I read through some of my older posts and cringe.  I do the same for photography, constantly doubting my ability; yet after every shoot, I am pleased with the work I’ve created.  I think we all go through these phases where we question our ability and it motivates our desire to improve.

I remember sitting on a plane for my first business trip, feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I had just received the biggest promotion in my career and on the first day in my new role, I was flying to Texas.  As I listened to my iPod, a song from The Frey came on, a line from the chorus sings “Everyone knows I’m in over my head, over my head.” and I chuckled.  I totally felt like I was in over my head, but soon I was doing quite well in my new position, everyday learning more and more. 

Yesterday I booked travel for El Paso, Texas and I am shocked that it’s been two years since my last visit to the Lone Star state.  I started thinking about how much of my life has changed in the last two years and how much I’ve grown in my professional career.  I didn’t mention this before, but I’m currently in a pilot promotional position as an Associate Performance Consultant, and I hope this role become permanent in July.  I’m in the driver’s seat for some pretty fun projects with all eyes from the Senior Leadership Team on me.  Pressures on and I love it! 

I can only hope for the grace and talent of the blogs I follow, and try to do my very best.  Life is too short to let fear hold anyone back.

I’m adding a “Blogs I Follow” link on the right hand side – what other blogs should I check out? 


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    1. Thanks, Lauren! You'll be amazing in your new position - congratulations!

    2. Thanks, Melissa! I just read your two posts from today - the beggar story was kinda funny until I read how a group of youths set the beggar on fire. Thank god the took the "victims" to a brothel to confirm they were okay. WTF.


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