Why didn't I think of that?

Friday, March 30, 2012

I've gotten used to the dumb annoyances of traveling, they certainly outweigh the fun stuff.  
  • Those stupid key cards - on a three week trip, I go through about five keys.  Either my phone deactivates them, I lose them or I lock them in my room.  
  • Crappy hotel TV.  Thank god most have HGTV 
  • Undoing the hospital corners of my bedding.  I HAVE to be able to poke my feet out!
  • Having to unplug a bed-side lamp to plug in my phone charger.  And the hotels that have the nifty lamps with the built-in outlet?  The outlet is in a funny position and won't work for my blackberry or iPad/iPod charger. 

Last year, I stayed at the Marriott in Alpharetta, Georgia where I saw this beauty and I wondered why I didn't think of that - more specifically, why every hotel doesn't have this!

Here's a more detailed pic:

The end of the entertainment unit had two outlets, plus hook-ups for just about every type of video input.  No fussing with the back of the TV!  They even made it pretty fool-proof by adding a button next to the input slots so you don't have to find the corresponding channel with the remote.  So if you want to hook up your computer for a video conference, just plug it in at the VGA spot and press the button next to it!  Same for HDMI or the old school red/white/yellow input.  Oh, and aux input too. 

The connections were easy to access and super handy as a place to charge my phone and iPod.  It was super convenient solution to a problem or annoyance I just thought I had to deal with. 

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