First Day in the Office

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today was an awesome day.  

I giddily waited for a car to take me to the office, giddily rode to the office, giddily rode the elevator to the 39th floor, giddily collected my badge and giddily went to the 38th floor where I (are you noticing a trend?) giddily reunited with friends I hadn't seen in over a year.

After attacking everyone with hugs, I spent a good part of the day getting caught up on emails from my travels over.  I was able to sneak away from my computer long enough for introductions with the new hire class.  They are an awesome group, made up of recent college grads mixed with some experienced associates; all of whom have been in training together for the last three weeks.  

I will admit that it is a bit intimidating joining a group that has been led by an amazing trainer for the last three weeks - kind of like being the new kid in class.  Literally.  But the group seems warm and welcoming, so I am hopeful. 

After class, I returned to my desk to wrap up those pesky emails and to wait two hours for my appointment with the immigration attorney.  As I am not a citizen of the Philippines and my stay is over 21 days, I have to get a work permit that says I'm working in the country legally.   That's right, I'm a pesky American, coming into their country and stealing their jobs.  Ha!

I returned to the hotel around 9am - I don't remember if I've mentioned it, but I am going to be working nights (US days) so class runs from 9pm-6am.   Anyway, I returned to my room to find the room had not been serviced and boy am I a slob.  I called for clean towels and (gasp) made my own bed.  Its almost like I'm a grown up or something.  Almost.

I once again walked to Greenbelt mall for breakfast, this time enjoying Mary Grace, a cute little cafe just a few doors down from Italiani's.   I had a Filipino breakfast of Chicken Inasal (grilled chicken) and fresh raspberry tea.  The restaurant had cute decor; I loved the sea-shell hydrangeas and the lanterns hung from the lofted ceiling.  

Now it's getting late, time for me to turn in; but really excited for another day in the office tomorrow.

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