Somerset Recap

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I was totally bummed at Somerset Millennium, and as soon as the car picked me up for Fraser, I had a bit of a skip in my step.

In all fairness, a colleague pointed out that I had made up my mind about Somerset before even arriving in the Philippines and he's not wrong.  I knew it wasn't where I wanted to stay, so I wasted no energy looking for things to like during my five night stay.  Here is my list of things that will keep me from staying there again.

  1. Hard beds - My bed was two twin beds pushed together, the first half they had twin-sized fitted sheets, later swapped for a king size sheet.  The uneven bed was rock-hard and it was difficult to get a good night of sleep.
  2. The staff missed several opportunities to deliver good customer service.  Upon check-in, I checked if they had set up to bill my employer and they told me no.  I advised them it should be set up to bill them (as with every other employee who has stayed here) and they said they would take care of it.  Three days before checkout, I ask again and they said no, but they would correct it.  I emailed my international relocation department, and they emailed the sales manager.  At checkout three days later, they still couldn't figure it out, and then tried to argue with me about included charges like transportation to and from the airport.  Checking out was frustrating but worth it because I knew I was leaving.
  3. This is the big one.  Working from 9pm-6am means that I sleep during the day.  I made this clear to the front desk and housekeeping staff that checked on me the first day.  I was told "no problem."  So at 3pm (about 2am central time) I get a call because my "Do Not Disturb" sign is on my door and they want to clean my room.  I replied in anger that I was sleeping and the sign, in fact, said "Do Not Disturb."  The poor soul on the other end of the line apologized and said it was their policy to call anyone with a Do Not Disturb Sign displayed.  I shouted, "I'm sleeping, don't ever call me again."
 So that wraps up my summary of the Somerset Millennium hotel in Manila. Tomorrow I'll have a tour of my new (gorgeous!) apartment at Fraser Place!

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