Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The rain over the last few days caused flooding and damage beyond imagination.  My phone started going off around 3pm (2am central) with reports that The President had declared the entire island a disaster zone; canceling school and work.  Our company suspended work for all non-essential staff, canceled training and kept the doors open for any volunteer employees who were able to safely come to work.  

Fortunately, the part of town where our office and my apartment are located isn't experiencing any flooding so I was able to safely go to the office.  When I arrived in the office, I was floored by the dedication of the four employees who had already arrived.  Ryan had taken a boat to reach dry land to catch a cab to work.  A boat. 

The weather is improving now and things should be getting back to normal tomorrow, but I'm so grateful that everyone in our office is safe and accounted for.

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