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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last week I received a care package from my loved ones back home that was a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am.  The package had things from my parents, my sister and my boyfriend; and their contributions to the package do a pretty good job of outlining our relationships.

The items my parents packed may sound odd, but hear me out.  They shipped me socks and my mail.  I mentioned that my low-cut socks were giving me blisters in my new tennis shoes and asked them to get me a specific brand and style from Jordan Creek, a good ten minute drive from their home.  That same night, they ran out there with a description from me and got me two packs of overpriced (but comfy!) socks.  They dropped everything and modified their plans to accommodate a comfort request from me; not because they had to, but because that's the type of people they are.  My parents raised me to have a servant's heart - to go above and beyond to help a friend out.  

The mail they sent me had been carefully sorted with all the junk mail removed so that my bills could be paid on time.  This reminded me how helpful they are in guiding me as an adult and how supportive they are of my somewhat alternative path through life.

My sister refilled a prescription, found a couple of items I forgot to pack, took the responsibility of getting everything together and shipped off through my office.  The relationship I share with my sister has had its share of peaks and valleys, but the reoccurring theme is that we have each other's backs. We may not talk everyday (although, lately we do) but I know if I call her at 3am, she'll help me anyway she can.  Lord knows I've answered a few of her calls at that hour ;)  One call asking her to run this errand and I had every confidence that she would make it all happen.

My amazing boyfriend sent a incredibly sweet note and some comfort items to make my stay more enjoyable.  It is so fitting of his personality and our relationship; he comforts me, supports me and has held my hand through some pretty challenging times.  For as long as we've been friends, he's been caring and supportive through good times and bad.  He literally held my hand this fall when one of the best people I know lost his battle to cancer and has been nothing but absolutely supportive of my travel and career.  This guy could write a book on being an awesome boyfriend.  

I am so incredibly lucky, and I know this post sounds like a total brag-fest; but they deserve to be reminded how much they mean to me and how awesome they are.  

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