Too Bad I Can't Carry-on More Than 3oz of Rain

Monday, August 6, 2012

Manila is flooded.  The tropical storm or typhoon is further south, but the city has been hit hard with rain for the past day.  Schools are closed, buses aren't running and parts of Makati (where I stay and work) look nearly abandoned.  Thankfully, there isn't flooding near me, but some of my colleague's homes are flooded and many associates were unable to find transportation to the office today.

I'm sure Iowa would gladly take some of this rain, they are currently experiencing a drought that is hurting farmers and will ultimately hurt anyone who enjoys food.  

The sky was dark as I left work this morning; it reminds me of those evenings in the late fall where you barely catch the sunset as you leave work.  Only it should be bright and sunny by now.  

This trip really has flown by.  The weather has made sightseeing difficult, so I'm very excited to return at the end of the year for some warmer weather.  Hopefully the sun comes out for my trip to the beach next weekend!

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