Bohol Island Getaway - Part 3

Thursday, September 13, 2012

As we worked our way down from the Chocolate Hills to the Tarsier and Butterfly Sanctuaries (and skipped the python exhibitions), we stopped for a zip-line through the jungle.  At only $10USD per person, I was a little leery of their set-up; I'm sure this kind of place is fully bonded and insured, right?  Right?

We handed our sunglasses and purses to our driver and climbed up the 100 (or so) broken, uneven steps to the first zip-line spot.  As we climbed, I silently wondered if my life insurance would payout in the event of death while zip-lining and if it would qualify me for my Business Travel Accidental Death policy.  I am nothing if not an optimist ;)

As we arrived at the top, we watched a couple zip on across the deep valley and reality set in.  I sat there for a moment and figured that I wasn't going to get any braver, lets just do this.  

As the guys got us in position, I (half) jokingly asked "these harnesses are strong enough for the fat Americans, right?" and they laughed and said yes and sent us on our way.

I wasn't too scared as we zipped across the valley until I looked down and saw a tiny creek.  With a boat on it.  At that very moment, I realized how crazy this was.  Here's my video - you might want to mute your speakers.

After we dismounted from the first line, it was time to climb up a couple dozen stairs to the return line.  We met a couple who arrived after us while waiting for the return line and he asked a crew member how long it would take to walk back; the guy responded "Three hours, if you're lucky."  Ha!  Our new friend decided to buck up and make the return zip trip back.  

Upon safe arrival back at the main building, we were sold some pictures of our zipping along and continued on our journey.  Our next stop was the Loboc River Cruise.  The river cruises are pretty low-key; you eat lunch on a barge as it travels up Loboc river, watch some school children sing and dance and then turn around and go back.

The food was good, music was even better.  When we reached the turn around point, we looked up to see people on the same zip line we rode - good thing we did the zip-line before the cruise!

Mr. G was right - tininkling is a real thing!

Our cruise pulling up

See those dots? Those are people on the zip line!

The river cruise was the last of our excursions, so we made our way back to the resort for a little more time on the beach followed by another delicious dinner before calling it a night.  Monday morning, it was time to catch our flight back to Manila!

Bohol was an awesome trip and an amazing deal for the price!

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