Sick While Traveling

Saturday, February 23, 2013

After I made my way though customs, I started to get a bit of a stuffy nose.  Over the next two days it transformed from a head cold to a chest cold until I lost my voice Tuesday.  Yep, half way around the world while delivering training to a group of thirty new hires, my voice was gone.

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that I'm a tad stubborn and continued to train without a voice and spent nearly every other hour sleeping off the bug.  After a Facebook consultation from my buddy Mary Berg suggested antibiotics, I visited the doctors' office at my building.  After listening to my chest and ordering X-rays, the doctor informed me that I had pnuemonia.  Lovely, right?

Its hard being sick away from home.  The comfort items that I'm used to from the nearby Walgreens are hard to come by here, or at least not by the same brands I'm used to.  Okay, that's kinda b.s.  Its hard being sick away from familiar faces.  The sweet stuff like my mom checking in on me and the boyfriend bringing me soup and kleenex.  Sure, my mom checked in with me via facetime and the boyfriend and friends checked in with me throughout the day and night, but it was hard not to feel the miles.

Without insurance overseas, I was a bit worried what the cost would be for medical service.  I got a referral from our training department where my employer would be billed for the consultation, but forgot to get one for the x-rays.  Grand total for two chest x-rays?  $12.30 USD.  In the states, it would be $150 at minimum.  Total for two prescriptions, including a brand name antibiotic?  $16.73. 

Thankfully medicine, fluids and plenty of rest has allowed me to quickly recovery.  Now I'm feeling nearly 90% better, but taking advantage of the weekend and getting as much rest as possible.

Happy weekend!

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