Things I Learned This Week

Saturday, March 2, 2013 Makati City, Philippines

I don't have a full post for today.  What I do have is some lessons learned this week

  • The best days are the ones that provide a challenge.  I am currently teaching a math class to a group of extremely engaged, energetic co-workers who ask complex questions and keep me on my toes.  I've been absolutely exhausted at the end of each day, yet I'm re-energized by the challenge I feel by these top-performers.
  • Just because the supermarket had it last week, doesn't mean they'll have it this week.  Last week's purchase of Frosted Shredded Mini-wheats and American milk were a special treat.  This week, I could only find a different brand of milk but not my cereal.  In a moment of weakness, I paid $12.75 for a box of Lucky Charms.  For those of you keeping track at home, that is about the same amount I paid for my X-rays last week...
  • Television is a bit better here.  They seem to save almost all of the commercials for between shows with just one or two commercial breaks in a 30 minute show.
  • I have the guts to chew out the cabbie who tries to jack up the fare for a foreigner.  He tried to double the starting fare which I made him correct and he attempted to take a long route.  I'm not sure if it's the pale skin, the blonde hair or the American accent but this cab driver clearly saw an opportunity in me.  Instead of my usual generous tip, he got an earful from me.
  • Google Analytics told me that over 100 people checked up on me in the last two weeks from all over the world.  Thanks for caring enough about me to see what I've been doing.
  • I can't keep a key working for more than 4 days.  Fraser Place uses hotel-style keys and for the life of me, I can't go an entire week without demagnatizing a key.  The keys control the elevators too, so after arriving back home, I quickly return to the front desk with a defeated look on my face.  "It's okay, Miss Campbell.  I will make you a new key." Henry reassures me.
  • A collegue and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook, and I was able to book our tickets online.  Here, you choose your seats when purchasing tickets - no need to worry about where you'll sit.  I kinda dig it.  And the movie was pretty good.
  • I'm less homesick on this trip.  I'm not sure if it having better expectations, staying busy or keeping in touch with everyone at home better, but this trip has been great so far. 
  • I'm thankful for the care package my sister and the manfriend put together.  It's fun getting mail when traveling, but it's even more fun to open a box of goodies from loved ones.
  • I need a nap.  I slept for 4 hours after work, then woke up for dinner (around 4am central time) and went for the movie.  Now it is 10:30am central time, 12:30am Sunday here and I'm going to catch a few hours of sleep before breakfast with friends.
Life is good.

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