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Thursday, April 6, 2017

As my department and role have changed, I'm heading back out on the road for a bit.  Luckily, it should be nothing like the 200+ nights a year like it once was, but I'm still trying to get back in the mindset of traveling.

Before flying out on Sunday, I had my first wedding of the season on Saturday, April 1st.  In the midst of a rainy week, we had the perfect weather for a couple of fools in love.  After a wonderfully exhausting day, I got up early Sunday for breakfast with my dad and sister before packing and getting ready to fly to Phoenix for the first of two weeks in Tempe, Arizona.

Much to the surprise of my family, I was packed and ready to leave for the airport around 12:30pm, for my flight at 2:40!  So many of  my flights are early morning (not my favorite time of day), it was relaxing to not feel as rushed as I packed my bag.  My wonderful husband was at work, so my dad was my chauffeur and after a quick stop downtown to say one last goodbye to James, we were off to the airport.  TSA PreCheck saved me some time once I arrived, and I grabbed lunch at the one restaurant that services our small airport.

Before boarding, my headache started turning into a migraine and by the time we hit turbulence in the air, I was afraid I'd be using the 'comfort bag'.  The sweet flight attendant noticed I wasn't doing so hot and was so sympathetic and told me to let her know if I wanted to rest in the empty back row of the flight.  I sipped my ginger ale and in another ten minutes, I felt human again without having to take her up on her offer.

I thanked her again as I deplaned and fired off a tweet to American Airlines after we landed so they'd know how great she is too.

I found my amazingly wonderful boss near the baggage claim; she flew in from Chicago to spend the first week of this project with me.  I know I gush a lot, but my boss is just so great and it's been such a treat getting one on one time with her.

More to come from my adventures in Tempe!


  1. Don't forget to mention you met your mom and 2 of your favorite aunts for a drink at their hotel!
    LY Aunt JO JO


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